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Tulane University Wikipedia1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for conferencing. More particularly, the present invention relates to methods and apparatus for conferencing via a telephone line and using a digital network. 2. Background Information A conference is a meeting or teleconference among participants located at different sites. A conference may be defined by a meeting organizer who schedules the meeting and an organizer of the conference's technological infrastructure (e.g., the network equipment) for the conference. The conference organizer may schedule and coordinate the attendance of the conference participants via a conference call. A conference call is defined as a telephone call in which two or more people participate, typically through conference call service provided by a telephone company. Participants in a conference may be on separate telephone lines or connected by digital communication devices such as a facsimile, modem, or other network devices (e.g., the Internet). Participants of a conference may place calls (e.g., through a public switched telephone network or a private branch exchange) to the conference organizer. The conference organizer typically provides the party lines that are connected to conference participants. After the conference has begun, the conference organizer (or another individual at the conference site) may place out-of-conference calls (e.g., to a modem or private branch exchange in a conference participant's home) to invite or re-invite participants to the conference. In a conference, the conference participants may each be able to hear and be heard by all the other conference participants. In such a conference, the conference participants may communicate by speaking, typing on a keyboard, and/or by the attachment of notes, drawings, or documents to a mail server at the conference site. The participants of a conference may also communicate via written documents that are transmitted from the participants to a conference organizer. In some conference calls, the participants may be able to simultaneously exchange written documents with each other and with the conference organizer. A conference organizer may manually collate and/or compile the documents that were exchanged by the conference participants and the conference organizer may then provide the documents to the participants for review. Conference call systems include analog telephone lines and may utilize modems and data converters to communicate. Conference call services are usually provided by a telecommunication service provider such as a telephone company. Existing conference call systems typically communicate with other conference call systems via a telecommunication network such as the public switched telephone network (PSTN)


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